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Students donate swipes to fight world hunger


Hannah Cline

Staff writer

Over the last few weeks, Roanoke College students have been participating in several fundraising events to raise money and awareness for impoverished children around the world. Working specifically with the organization World Vision, Jaymes Inman ‘13 and Megan Bruening ’13 kicked off the fundraising with a 30 Hour Famine held on campus.

            Prior to participating in the famine, students were asked to raise $30.00 to $50.00 to be donated towards World Vision. With 20 student participants, the famine kicked off on Saturday February 4th and lasted late into the evening of the 5th.

            While the 30 Hour Famine was a success, Roanoke students wanted to continue fundraising with the hopes of getting more people involved with the cause. April Rust ’15, member of Lutheran Student Movement, came up with the idea of giving students the option of donating extra meal-swipes.

            After meeting with Virginia Dooley, Director of Dining Services, Rust and Dooley established that on Monday February 13, students would be able to ask to donate up to two of their meal plan’s swipes. Each swipe was the equivalent of donating $4.00 to the World Vision fund. 

            At the end of the day on Monday, Rust was told that almost 300 swipes were donated which adds up to almost $1,200.00 collected to help children in need around the world.

             “Coming into this fundraiser, I was not sure what to expect… However, I consider 300 swipes to be a success because a greater percent of the campus realized the terrible injustice that is going on, and actually participated to stop world hunger,” Rust said.