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Bachelor Season Finale


Morgan Minyard

Staff writer

On Monday, March 12th, season sixteen of ABC’s hit show “The Bachelor” came to an end. The show had a record amount of viewers with 9.8 million viewers tuning in to see if Ben Flajnik would chose conniving Courtney Robertson or everyone’s favorite sweetheart equestrian Lindzi Cox.

What millions of people did not want Ben to do he did – yes it’s true,  despite numerous warnings about Courtney Ben knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry him, breaking Lindzi’s heart in the process.

Before Ben chose his future wife the two girls had to meet his mother and his sister. They met with Lindzi first. Right off the bat his family fell in love with her; however Courtney stole the show after meeting with them next. Although Ben’s family was first skeptical of Courtney she was able to charm them and win them over more than the girl-next-door Lindzi could. This could be perhaps the turning point when Ben decided that Courtney was the one, just because his family seemed to like her more.

After the two final dates Ben made up his mind, he knew who he was going to propose to. When the helicopter landed in the Swiss Alps audiences were on the edge s of their seats, knowing that whoever got out of the helicopter first was going to be sent home without a proposal.

When Lindzi stepped out of the helicopter many viewers were surprised. Although Lindzi was sent home without the final rose and without a fiancée she took the rejection quite well. While Ben was saying goodbye she stood in silence and then made a joke saying “If things don’t work out call me.” Lindzi later went on ABC news Good Morning America and explained that it was a joke to lighten the mood during an awkward silence.

After Lindzi was sent home Ben proposed to Courtney with a sparkling Neil Lane diamond engagement ring and she accepted his proposal. However, after the show ended the two went their separate ways.  Ben distanced himself after watching the shows and seeing how Courtney acted toward the other girls and what she said on camera during her interviews. Courtney turned it around on Ben on the show “After the Final Rose” and said it was because Ben abandoned her during the time she needed him the most. Despite all of the drama Chris Harrison, the host of the television show, pulled out the engagement ring during “After the Final Rose” and gave it to Ben and asked if he still wanted to give it to Courtney and he said yes and gave it back to her and the show ended, making it seem like they were getting back together and going to try and start fresh.

Only time can tell what will happen to this very interesting couple.