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Pre-Registration Causes Stress


Nathaniel Rioux

Business Manager/Staff Writer

With a little more than a month to go until the end of the school year most students are looking forward to finals and being on the beach. While most students are thinking about beaches and summer jobs, the college is already preparing for next year’s classes and before students know it they will be signing up for classes next year.

This event is called pre-registration and while most students already know the drill that comes with the process, many freshmen and a few upper classmen find this idea to be no easy task. While it is true that students should take some thought and consideration into signing up for classes, the process instated should be a fun and inviting one.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help make the process a lot smoother:

-Talk with your advisor: Nobody is more knowledgeable about this kind of information than your academic advisor. Their job is to help guide students along their academic path so if you haven’t talked with your advisor, now would be the best time to start.

-Be prepared with a back-up: This is especially important if you’re a freshman or sophomore because classes tend to fill up quicker than students like to admit. The timeslot students are given is based on the number of credits they have completed while at college so it is always a good idea to have a back-up plan in case your classes fill up when the times comes for you to register for classes.

-Get core classes out of the way first: Now it’s always fun to take specialty classes that everybody wants to take, like fencing or creative writing fiction, but the best thing for underclassmen to do is to take the core INQ classes to get the requirements out of the way.  Not only are they very selective in the topics they teach, but there is also a lot of classes to choose from that will fill the INQ requirement so the chances of a class filling up is slim.

Even with these pointers in mind the general feelings of Roanoke College students are anything but concise.

Unlike most freshmen Matt Othus ’15 is feeling anything but stressed saying “my advisor made it very straight forward on what I have to do.”

“I am ready to have an anxiety attack even though I just registered an hour an ago,” admitted Shana Melanaphy ’13.

As of the time of publishing there have only been a few issues with the pre-registration process such as web advisor, the program used to sign students up for classes, going down on multiple times. Other than that little issue the pre-registration process as so far gone as smoothly as possible.