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Oomph To Release A New Album


Zephyr Erwin

Entertainment Editor


Fans of the German industrial rock band Oomph have been waiting for new music since 2008, when the band released their album “Monster.” In early October, the band revealed on their official Facebook page that they have finished recording music for the new album and that a single will be released in early March.

To the best of my knowledge, this single hasn’t been released to the public yet. However, Oomph released the cover art of their new album “Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute,” which will be released sometime in May 2012. The album title translates to English as “The Fat Booty of Madness.”

Aside from popular band Rammstein, Oomph is one of the founding bands of the Neue Deutsche Härte genre, which means New German Hardness, referring to the harsh rock sound of the music, though it often incorporates keyboards and synthesizers.

Oomph released their self-titled album in 1992 and quickly gained the attention of music fans across Germany. Their most popular songs are “Augen Auf” (“Eyes Open”), “Labyrinth,” “TrÓ“umst Du?” (“Do You Dream?”), and “Die Schlinge” (“The Noose”).

Not a lot of information has been released about the contents of the album. Singer/songwriter Dero has stated that out of the approximately 60 songs that they have written, they will choose between 12 and 14 songs to be released on the album. It has been reported that Dero will be singing some of the songs operatically, which is a change from the style of the other albums.

Despite the fact that no track list has been released for “Des Wahnsinns Fette Beute,” Oomph’s new album is sure to be as fantastic as their previous ones. I know I’ve been on a bit of an Oomph binge, constantly listening to their music on repeat, and will probably continue to do so after the release of their latest studio album.