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RC Art Major Show


Madeline Hooker

Staff writer

Opening on Friday, April 13th, Roanoke College’s Art Major Show displays a variety of senior’s artwork from their area of focus. The annual spring event exhibits work in the Olin and Smoyer Galleries, such as ceramics, design, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.  Students whose artwork is displayed include Alex Kies ‘12, Kayla Lynch ‘15, Kelsey Daniel ‘12, Renae Dower ‘14, Sierra Rock ‘13, Hailey Doss ‘12, Joanna Hooker ‘12, Olivia Freeman ‘13, and Heather Woody ‘12.

Hooker wanted to submit pieces of artwork that showed diversity and ranges of her talent. The art major submitted three of her paintings and a variety of black and white photographs. Her favorite submitted piece is her painting titled “The Tumultuous Journey of an Immigrant Ship.”

“The painting is a part of a series I have been working on for my Painting III class,” Hooker said. “It is also for my independent study of Progressive-era photographs that I incorporated into my own style for my art.”

The Art Majors Show is an important event for the seniors whose art is displayed.

“It really is the only time that students can present their work to the general public,” Hooker said. “There are such talented art students here at RC, and their abilities need to be recognized.”

For Woody, the Show was a bittersweet experience.

“I am graduating in May, so this show really signifies the end of an era for me,” Woody said. “Olin was practically my second home at RC.”

Woody submitted five photographs and described them as being a little fantastical and whimsical. A part of her final Photography II project, Woody knew she wanted to shoot portraits, and worked hard to make them as unique as possible. “I dressed my subjects in formal attire and led them to different spots around Virginia,” she said. “I really wanted to contrast their beauty with the scenery surrounding them as well as illustrating continuing lines and echoing shapes in my work.”

Woody was grateful for the Art Majors Show.

“[The Show] gave me an opportunity to display the results of all my late nights in the Photo Lab,” Woody said. “I am proud of my final images, as I worked very hard and drove miles to capture pictures as specific places.”

The Art Majors Show will conclude on May 5 with a closing reception from 12-2 pm in Smoyer Gallery.