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Dear Sue,

I think I am in love with my best friend. We have great chemistry, but I don’t know if he feels the same way. To make matters worse, last week he broke up with his girlfriend of about 9 months. How do I express my feelings for him and how long should I wait before I tell him?

-Anxious and Enamored

Dear Anxious,

The best solutions for these situations are often the easiest. Just tell him! It doesn’t have to be overly dramatic or outrageous. A short conversation while you two are alone will get your point across, but remember to be CLEAR. It seems like you really like this guy and you don’t want to end up in a grey area. In regards to the time concern; unfortunately there is no set time period I can tell you to wait for. Everyone deals with breakups differently. The most important factor for getting back into the dating scene is waiting until the person in question is comfortable. I would pay close attention to his moods and emotions and judge for yourself when you think the time is right.

Good Luck

Sue Z. Maroon