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Dear Sue


Dear Sue,

I have a friend who doesn’t get the memo when I don’t want to hang out to the point of borderline stalking. How do I let him down easy?

-Disturbed and Annoyed

Dear Disturbed,

That is an interesting question. If life was a sitcom, I would advise you to take that person’s lunch and throw it on the ground. However, I’m guessing that you’re not that much of a jerk.

Let’s be serious here. There are two options that come to mind. My first suggestion is to just let it go. Sometimes people don’t know how to interact with others so your definition of ‘stalking’ may be their way of trying to friends. Try being friendly and patient. Sometimes that may be the easiest, least confrontational way to deal with problems.

The other option is to just tell it to them straight. Dodging the issue may only make things worse since you feel miserable as well as the fact that you are lying to them constantly. However, if you’re going to take this approach is to let them down easy. Explain to them that it is making you uncomfortable. If that doesn’t work then perhaps it’s best to avoid the person.

Good Luck

-Sue Z. Maroon

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