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RCAD Beach Party


By Nathaniel Rioux

In case you weren’t there, last Friday’s FOTQ officially said goodbye to the summer. CAB featured a beach party that included beach volleyball, a water slide, colorful sand art, shell jewelry, and elderberries smoothies! There was also a raffle prize for two tickets to see Timeflies on Saturday, September 16, 2012 completing the flavor of the event.

It was certainly a busy for a lot of students at Roanoke College and even though the calendar said it was mid-September. Sutton’s terrace behind the cavern felt more like a mid-summer’s day at the beach. RCAD hosted their beach party as a last farewell to the sounds of summer and there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Even though there were many things to do at the event there was also several students that just showed up to chill out and unwind a bit. Some students tossed Frisbees, watched the soccer game, or just hung out with the rest of their buddies to enjoy a fun time with the Roanoke College Community.