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Dear Sue


Dear Sue,

My roommate and I are not getting along as well as I had hoped. We were friends the first few weeks of the semester, but recently, with the stress of being a college student, things have changed. I have noticed her doing things that I don’t agree with, a lot of which I think are downright disgusting. How should I handle this?

-Disappointed and Sickened

Dear Disappointed,

Sometimes moving in with someone new can be tough. You are not always going to get along with your new roommate because you are used to having your own space. However, the peace NEEDS to be kept. Try talking to her and letting her know how you feel. Let her know that there are some things that she does that you are not comfortable with it. Ask if she can limit or stop the behavior while you are around. The two of you should try compromise with each other. For example, if she listens to music while you are studying and you can’t concentrate, simply ask her to put in headphones. You can be friends again if you two try to talk things out. If the situation becomes too uncomfortable or too hard for you to control, then ask your RA if they can help get words across peacefully. Don’t forget to compromise.

Good Luck,

Sue Z. Maroon