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“Revolution” Review


Nathaniel Rioux

If all power went out in the world, what would you do? That is the premise behind NBC’s new show Revolution which airs Monday’s at 10 on NBC. While initially the show seems to be a post-apocalyptic copycat, it does have a few unpredictable elements that are worth a look for fans of the science fiction.

Directed by J.J Abrams, the show is set 15 years after the black out and follow a few main characters as they travel across a barren America. All along they encounter groups of travelers militia and various other groups that help or hinder the quest of the group. While this type of story is familiar to most fans of science fiction there are some different elements that drive the story in an interesting manner. For an example the show uses familiar icons to add humor to the show. Like for instance when one of the members of the group says he worked at a large place called Google. While it does add some interesting aspects to it add mystery to the overall story arch being the show, which can add confusion in the mix.

My biggest complaint behind the story is how predictable the characters are. None of them are really engaging and they tend to fit their social construction almost perfectly to the point where it adds no real element to the story. For an example one of the main characters fits the fearful type, to the point it is predictably what he does for everything.

While NBC has experimented with the science fiction genre multiple times in the past with little success The Event and FlashFoward, this one looks to be promising from the get go. While there are some laugh out loud moments, viewers can’t help but feel engaged in the story. Starring David Lyons, Graham Rogers and Tim Guinee, Revolution should be an interesting watch, or at least a Netflix worthy show to watch if it gets cancelled half-way through the season.