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Rowling Works on New Novel


Emily Erwin

If you’re like me, you’ve been reading the “Harry Potter” books since they first came out and have been obsessed with them ever since. Famous English writer J.K. Rowling has said that she won’t be publishing any more books about the famous magical trio, despite the fans’ desires for more books. This doesn’t mean that Rowling has stopped writing for good, however. Quite the opposite. In fact, on September 27, Rowling published her first novel for adults called “The Casual Vacancy”. At 512 pages long, this book is nearly as long as the last four books in the “Harry Potter” saga.

When Rowling said that she was going to write something different from “Harry Potter”, she really meant it, as “The Casual Vacancy” is as different from her famous as night and day. According to Wikipedia, a man named Barry Fairbrother dies in his earlier forties very unexpectedly, leaving the town of Pagford in a state of shock. Pagford seems like a typical English town, but underneath the pretty streets lies a war. Everybody is at war with each other. Brother against brother, husband against wife, teachers against students, and since Barry’s death has created an open seat on the parish council, you can be sure that everyone is going to be fighting for his spot. This seems simple, sure, but there are apparently thirty-four main characters involved in the story that are competing in Pagford’s biggest war in the town’s history.

Even though it was published yesterday, “The Casual Vacancy” is already being compared to the “Harry Potter” series and not in a good way. A journalist for the New York Times says “The Casual Vacancy” doesn’t favor very well to the famous magical series, while others say that Rowling’s new book fails to spark the magic that the “Harry Potter” series created. Whether this magic is the literal magic that is present in Hogwarts or if it is a sort of metaphorical magic that could represent the interest a reader takes in a story is left up to interpretation.

As a die-hard “Harry Potter” fan, I’m very excited to read Rowling’s latest work. I know it’s going to be nothing like “Harry Potter”, but it still seems like it’s going to be an interesting story.