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What is the Best Tablet?


Nathaniel Rioux

When it comes to education in the classroom, times have certainly changed. Students that were once armed with the essentials for success in class like pencils, notebook, and binders, are seeing a new type of device added to their arsenal, the tablet computer. While almost everything learning related has gone digital, a lot of students have gone for the tablet as their method of staying in-sync in the digital age. Though tablets do offer a smaller alterative to a traditional laptop, the question becomes which tablet is the right one for you if you’re considering getting one. Here’s a rundown of a few favorite contenders.

First up is Apple’s IPad.  One of the biggest contenders in the market, the 15 inch screen makes the tablet easy to navigate and preform simple functions such as note taking and web surfing. With its access to Apple’s App store, one of the largest to date, there is practically an app for anything that can be conceived. Also, since it’s made by Apple, this tablet is considered to be the standard of excellence that everybody tries to contend with. There are also nearly endless of accessories and gadgets for your IPad such as cases and keyboards.  The only real downside is the price, topping off at nearly $500 for a new one.  Bottom line is if you already have an Apple computer this is one of the better options to consider.

Secondly there is the Acer Iconia series. While Acer has been struggling in the laptop market, their tablet market has been the talk of the town. Running on Google’s Android system, you can expect to have access to a constantly growing market that is one of the biggest competitors to Apple. While the line of Iconia is growing, my personal recommendation is the Iconia A-100 tablet. This 10-inch model features a front and rear facing camera, access to clear.fi, a program made to sync various devices on one network to work with each other, and a solid construction. This is a great buy for those who want a tablet, but want something that is mid-range in price and easy to carry. Only major downside is the battery life, which only last about four hours with heavy use.

Next is Samsung’s Galaxy series. A spin off of their smartphones, Samsung has one of the more reliable history in the mobile devices market. This system runs off Android as well. Running a 10-inch screen at around $299, this is a good option if you want a fairly reliable company.

The newest edition to the Tablet war is the Nexus 7 from Google. One the cheapest tablets on the market at 199, this is Google’s attempt to manufacture their own brand. With ten hours of battery life at low settings, this tablet is a good introductory tablet for those who want to get their hands on one without breaking the bank.

My personal advice, find the price you want to pay for a tablet and if you have a Smartphone, whether that be Android, Blackberry, or IPhone, match the operation system with the tablet you want to get. That way it’s easier to use the tablet as a tool of production rather than just a time-wasting device since you can sync up things such as your contacts and calendars without plugging them in.