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“Revenge” Season 2


Christy Blevins

Now that it’s officially fall, it’s about time to start our summer in the Hamptons with the well awaited premier of ABC’s series Revenge. The Premiere of Season 2 caught audiences up with each character and started the revenge scheming out hot.

In case you’re new to Revenge here’s a simple, straightforward recap of the first season:  a young woman, Amanda Clark, hell-bent on clearing her dead father’s name scorches through the Hamptons in a quest to expose the people who framed him. He takes on the name Emily, in return the real Emily pretends to be Amanda and intertwines her life in the Grayson’s family all in her plan for revenge. Watch the first season for more catch up.

Following suit with season 1, the premiere episode on Sunday night started viewers off with a view of one of the Amandas on the bottom of the ocean floor. No it wasn’t the ‘fauxmanda’ (The real Emily pretending to be Amanda), or even the real Amanda (pretending to be Emily), in this case it was Jack’s boat The Amanda.   Oh, and there happens to be a body on board. Just as in season one, the identity isn’t revealed and we are left with a cliffhanger as the show jumps back three months.

Cutting to Japan, and still following with the sub-sea-level view, Emily (Emily VanCamp) is tied to a post in a high tide sea in the middle of an exercise to help overcome fear and bring back memories of her mother.  Of course she is begrudgingly rescued in the middle of her important memory by another trainer, Aiden (Barry Sloane). This may or may not be a new love interest for Emily, only the continuation of the season will tell.  What’s important here is that Emily is training again with her mentor Takeda…who looks a bit different as he is being played by a new actor, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.

Finally out of the cold and troubled waters, the episode jumps viewers back into the Hamptons just in time for Victoria Grayson’s (Madeleine Stowe) memorial. Remember last season she was supposedly killed in a plane explosion caused by Conrad Grayson.  We’ll come back to this later.

What the season opener did that was so well was to revolve around the tangled web or complicated and almost always toxic relationship of all the characters.  Recently broken up Emily and Daniel’s first meeting is obviously on the yacht at Victoria’s memorial. Awkward.  Sad Ashley from last season is now strutting around the Grayson home and ordering her own assistant.  She’s turned into the show’s miniature Victoria, not to mention she and Daniel (Josh Bowman) are now coupled.  Speaking of which, Conrad (Henry Czerny) is back to his tricks and schemes to get his children’s inheritance to keep Grayson Global up and running. Which is why Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) is still stuck in rehab even though she’s sober and clean; of course she ends up at the memorial and whispers something to Emily while she is being dragged back to the rehab center.  Shock alert: Victoria Grayson is alive and well, holed up in a cabin somewhere being “protected by the government” as they gather evidence on Conrad. Who thought she was really dead anyways? However, the show did a great job of keeping Stowe’s name out of the opening credits.

Outside of the Grayson social circle, Jack (Nick Wechsler) comes back to life once he learns of Emily’s return. Needless to say the episode picks back up on the love between Jack and Emily. Of course, Jack is with the very pregnant woman, who we call, Amanda.  She knows Jack doesn’t love her and Jack knows that she knows, but what’s a love triangle without unrequited love? And newly homeless Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is now crashing with Emily in her beach house as her revenge plot thickens.

Intertwined with the character catch up, the episode is less action packed than the season is predicted to be later on. With the help of Nolan, Emily investigates the hospital from her memory of her mother.  As always they end up breaking into a building, in this case the hospital, uncovering more memories, and leads to the question why a “Charlotte Clark” visited her mother before her father was arrested.

Emily sneaks off to see Victoria in her cabin, and predictably, she steals a clam, has Nolan make it into a camera and stops back by to replace it, and she and Nolan spy on Victoria with the clam cam.  With the clam cam, replacing the whale camera from last season, Nolan spies on Victoria and the end of the episode shows that Victoria is working with the ruthless White haired man from Season 1, and pretty much placed a hit on Emily.

Besides catching up with characters and beginning the season out with a strong start the episode lacks in action, but accomplishes many strategic revenge points for Emily. First of all she is once again weaseling her way back into the Grayson’s lives. And within one episode she has managed to unveil new mysterious around her mother, uncover Victoria is still alive, threaten Amanda, and cause a rift between Amanda and Jack by implying to Jack the baby may not be his. Who’s to say what else will happen in the season.

The premiere sets up the rest of the second season to be riveting and just as confusing and captivating as season one, if not more.  With the main characters hotter and meaner this season, who could not want to watch the show, even if you haven’t before. Bring on the Hamptons and the cruel scandals within it.