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Dear Sue 2


Dear Sue,

I have a really great friend that has started to get a little too aggressive; he has started buying me small gifts and subtly asking me out on dates upwards of twice a day. This would be nice, but I am not that attracted to him, even if he is a really nice guy. How do I let him off easy and preserve our friendship in the process?

-Flustered and Pressured

Dear Flustered,

I can identify with a pressure of dating from a close male friend. On several occasions men have almost come off as “creepers” even though I had known them for quite some time, even some women have approached me in a sort of awkward way.

There are two paths that you can take. The first is to straight up tell him that you don’t see him in THAT light. I would start off telling him in a nice way, or give him hints that you aren’t really interested. If that approach doesn’t work, or they don’t catch onto the hint, a more frank talk should give him the nudge he needs to move onto his next love interest.

The second approach you can take is to go out on a date with him! I don’t see much of a risk in one or two dates. Maybe he will surprise you.

I’ve gone out on dates with a few of my friends and one of them actually showed a totally different side that I didn’t know existed. Talk about a shock! With the other guys that don’t impress me on a date (or don’t foot the bill *hint*) I just told them afterwards that I still don’t think about them in that light.

Good Luck!

-Sue Z. Maroon