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Faculty Spotlight


Meagan Cole

Every student who takes an INQ 110 class is automatically introduced to the one and only, Piper Cumbo. She is Fintel Library’s wonderful Reference Librarian who instructs all Roanoke College students on how to properly conduct research for so many departments’ countless writing assignments.

Her most well-known contribution, as previously mentioned, is her required tutorial for the INQ 110 classes. She takes over a session of class in order to teach the latest bunch of Freshmen how to use the library’s interface. Roanoke College provides an entirely separate, online archive for the purposes of cataloging and obtaining reference materials such as books, articles, and so much more, and Ms. Cumbo’s job is to ensure all of its uses are readily available and user friendly for students. Ultimately, she says her goal is “to [help] students become more fluent in information [and] better-informed outside of college.”

Not only does she aid in navigating the references of Fintel Library, but she’s also a pivotal part in the unique book exchange system. Roanoke College students can access an even broader scale of materials to study, thanks to an educational alliance formed with Hollins University, and vice versa for Hollins’ students. The benefit here is that both institutions have the ability to obtain information that would otherwise be limited within a pool of a single library.

All in all, Ms. Cumbo is more than willing to assist students across the board, and her desk is set up just within Fintel Library’s entrance off to the left side of the lobby. However, she is obviously not there to write papers for students; she’ll simply find a good starting point for the individual’s own research, and if writing is still a problem, he/she should probably attend the Writing Center in the basement floor just beneath her desk. Finally, she would like to add that Friday is her least busiest day if students are ever strapped with a deadline.