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2012 President’s Ball


Nathaniel Rioux

Every November students are treated to a night of festivities, dancing, and good times. Each year Roanoke College holds in annual President’s Ball for its facility and students. While this year, unlike most years, had no theme, students still showed up in force to partake in the event.

If there is one thing students enjoy the most about President’s Ball is the music. With three different floors, each with their own style of dancing and music, anybody could find something that they enjoyed dancing to. In the ballroom was a live band that played various genres of swing and jazz that had facility and students all on their feet. Downstairs the Cavern was transformed into a club featuring a mixture of pop, hip-hop and rap music, one of the biggest attractions for students. The college even transformed the commons into a jazz type lounge featuring a piano duet.

While most came for the dancing, some students came for the selection of food. In typical Roanoke College fashion, the students were treated to shrimp pasta in a vodka crème sauce, mashed potatoes, and pork loin. For dessert there were small pastries, truffles, and even a chocolate fountain. For those of age there was also a selection of beers and wines.

In the days leading up to the event, several students were hesitant about the lack of theme for this year’s event. Past year’s themes featured a masquerade, Black and white affair, and others. While most students were slightly disappointed about the lack of theme, once they passed the doors of the Colkect Center, that feeling was no longer present.

Overall the students felt that this year’s event was better than expected. Many of the students who were asked about the event said they had been preparing for this event since fall break. To them it was not about the event, but it was about the fun leading up to the night such as dress shopping and salon trips.

When asked what the most memorable part of the evening was, most students say the decorations. Although most upperclassmen have an idea of how the Colkect Center looks during that event, freshmen were in shock. Most of them said that they could not believe how different Colket Center looked that evening, with all the various forms of lights, and festive music.

With that being said, nearly everybody can agree that this event would have not been possible without the help of several groups working behind the scene to plan and execute this event. Everybody that was talked to expressed thanks for an evening that brought the entire Roanoke College community together as one.