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American Heart Association Walk


Shaneal Greaves

Every year the American Heart Association holds an event to help support the fight against America’s number one killer: Heart Disease. The Heart Walk is an event where the community comes together to celebrate the life of those who have won their fight against the disease, to commemorate those who have tragically died, and to raise funds for those who are still fighting. The event was held this year at Green Hill park, Saturday Nov. 3rd. Hundreds of survivors and fighters waited at the starting line with their families and supporters to begin their three mile walk. The cold morning air did not seem to affect them as they were cheered on by RC’s Spirit Team from the sidelines.

The team showed support by performing various stunts and cheering as the walkers began their walk. As those participating neared the finish line, you could see RC’s spirit team communicating with vendors and interacting with one another throughout the park.

After all the walkers finished their walk and settled down with something to eat, the Heart Association distributed gifts to raffle winners. The event was then ended with a performance from Roanoke College’s Spirit Team. The crowd was very energetic as the Cheerleaders and Dancers rocked the stage.

“It was a great experience, the crowd was amazing. I had a lot of fun and look forward to doing this again next year.” Rachaelle Benons ’15 said.

It was easy to see from the team’s faces that they had an amazing time. They will be looking forward to performing again next year.