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Crime on Campus


Meagan Cole

Late Monday evening, two Mac desktop computers were stolen from the Art Department in Olin Hall. Although the culprits are still on the run, one of the professors caught a glimpse of the burglars and, thanks to her skills as an artist, managed to sketch a rendering of their profiles for Campus Safety as well as the Salem Police Department. In the meantime, both the robbed classroom and the popular Mac Lab will remain locked, implementing newly developed security whenever the computers are not in use.

Students can access the computers by contacting the Olin Hall Business Office; if the desired use of time is after office hours, Campus Safety can be reached for access via extension 2310. As a reminder: be aware of all personal items and valuables as well as how accessible their location is to outsiders; be sure they’re in a safe, confined area that cannot easily be obtained and do not leave said area unattended until they are secure.