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Dear Sue


Dear Sue

This weekend was my birthday and I had a lot of fun with my friends. We went to a few frat parties and I enjoyed myself as I we danced to the music. There was this boy there that I’ve had a crush on all year. When he asked to dance with me I was so excited. The night continued and we seemed to grow closer. By the end of the night, we found ourselves making out. The next day in Commons, I saw him with his friends, I know he saw me but he pretended not to. That really hurt my feelings. I wanted to say something but decided not to. But since that day, it has been bothering me. Should I say something to him next time I see him or should I leave it alone?



Dear Heartbroken,

This is an issue that occurs more than you think. It is possible that he is avoiding you because he believes that he got carried away the other night. You cannot take this to heart. It may be too late now to say something to him now because he obviously went out of his way to not say anything to you. You enjoyed your birthday night out with your friends, and that’s all that matters. As a bonus, you got to kiss your crush. Cherish that little moment you two shared. If the time is right and he does happen to feel some way about you, he’ll let you know. Don’t let him ruin the rest of your week. Enjoy your time here at RC and Happy belated Birthday.


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