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Rammstein Tours Germany


Emily Erwin

It was rumored that German industrial metal band Rammstein would be retiring from touring after their 2009- 2011 tour for their album entitled “Liebe ist für alle da”, which translates to “There Is Love For Everyone”. Despite the rumors, they decided to go on tour again last year for their “Made in Germany” tour across Europe and the United States. While they are not touring in the United States again, Rammstein will be conducting another German tour in the summer of 2013, which will be concluded by a performance at the Wacken Open Air festival, which is the largest metal festival in the world.

Rammstein is best known as one of the first Neue Deutsche Hart bands, along with Oomph and Megaherz. Since the band’s formation in 1994, they have released six full-length albums and are one of the best known German bands in the United States. Their concerts are never dull, as frontman and singer Till Lindermann often uses copious amounts of pyrotechnics. They have been even better since Lindermann hired a professional pyrotechnics crew for the shows and has been learning techniques from them. While all German industrial metal bands may sound the same to foreign listeners, Rammstein is easily distinguishable for Till’s tendency to roll all of his r’s and growl his –ach’s in words.

The summer tour will be short. They will begin their tour in early June and continue until the Wacken Open Air festival in the beginning of August. They will be performing in various cities across Germany, but are also heading to Warsaw for one show. Despite this new tour, there has been no information regarding a new album in the future. Some think that this is highly unlikely, as the band members are getting a bit too old to be performing such large shows.

If they were performing somewhere in the continental United States, I know I would be finding a way to see them perform. Since Rammstein won’t be crossing the pond anytime soon, I guess I’ll just have to settle for watching their videos from past concerts on YouTube.