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Red vs Blue 200th Episode


Emily Erwin

Monday night was a big night for fans of Rooster Teeth’s online series “Red vs. Blue”. Not only did the series conclude its tenth season, but it also aired its 200th episode and answered questions that have been bothering fans for a long time.

“Red vs. Blue” hit the Internet in 2002 shortly after the release of “Halo: Combat Evolved,” the game which provides the setting for the series. Though the series was only meant to last a few episodes, it quickly spread throughout the gaming community and became one of the most popular web series. Initial seasons stressed upon the comedy of the two teams fighting in the desolate boxed canyon known as Blood Gulch, but more recent series have shown a transition into more serious and thought provoking episodes with hints of romantic sub-plots of viewers look hard enough. Seasons six through eight are known as the Recollection trilogy and consist of “Reconstruction”, “Recreation”, and “Revelation” respectively.

Personally, I find season 10 to be a phenomenal season. My favorite seasons are definitely seasons four and six, but season 10 has been added to my list of favorites. A great deal of the season has focused on the members of Project Freelancer, who I find to be even more interesting than the Reds and Blues of Blood Gulch. I know a lot of the fans are happy that Doc and Donut are back, which we knew was going to happen. Much like a Joss Whedon series, “Red vs. Blue” has a tendency of killing off characters, only to bring them back at a later point. This trend should have been obvious back in the season when Caboose shot Church with the canon on the tank, which killed Church, only to have him come back as a “ghost” a few episodes later.

Fans are happy that Donut is back, but I’m personally hoping that York will also be brought back. He’s my favorite Freelancer and possibly my favorite character of the whole series and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way about him. However, I have a feeling that Lopez is going to be fixed and brought back before something ever happens with York.

Season 10 confirms what I’d known all along. There was something between Carolina and York that went deeper than a friendship. In the episode “Out of Body,” York is seen overseeing Carolina’s late-night training session though, as he is reminded by North, he doesn’t have to watch over her. In the next episode called “Out of Mind,” Carolina finds some of his journal entries where he tells his AI, Delta, how he met her and what pick-up line he should have used when he talked to her. During the episode “Happy Birthday”, North tells Tex after Carolina’s surgery that York hadn’t left her side in days. York and Carolina’s relationship seemed very obvious to me, yet some fans apparently were surprised by this.

Additionally, I was fascinated by the AIs that were introduced. Season nine showed when Delta was created, but many more AI were introduced in season 10. North receives Theta early on in the season, Washington gets Epsilon and Carolina gets Sigma (but gives him to Maine instead), and then Iota and Eta. However, Epsilon went rampant when it was being implanted in Washington and was subsequently pulled in order to preserve Washington’s sanity. Viewers get the hint that Sigma is different from the other AI fairly early on and even the other characters in the series realize that Sigma is too creepy to be normal. During this season, Sigma causes Maine to start taking the other AI and equipment from other Freelancers, thus turning him into the Meta that we know from “Reconstruction”. The question of the Beta AI is finally addressed and is revealed to be Tex, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Some questions about the Freelancers are answered, as well. Season nine revealed that CT was actually a girl, but she is killed by Tex in season 10. However, the leader of the insurrection takes her armor and becomes the CT that was introduced in “Reconstruction”. Fans have been wondering what happened to Florida since he was first mentioned in season three. The final episode of season 10 revealed that Florida is actually Captain Flowers, the former leader of the Blues before the events of season one.

Possibly the most important moment, which I had been predicting for the last few weeks, was when viewers finally see the Director’s face. Until now, we’d only seen parts of his face or the back of his head. When Carolina and Epsilon find him in the secured facility watching old video files of Allison, we finally see his face and one shocking piece of information: he has the same eyes as Carolina, which instantly sent up a red flag in my mind. After the Director tells Carolina to leave her pistol behind, he makes the comment about being his greatest creation. Epsilon responds, but the Director tells him that he wasn’t talking about Epsilon. Carolina and Epsilon leave the Director behind and it is assumed that he commits suicide.

Once they return to Blood Gulch, Carolina and Epsilon begin talking about how they are going to be away from the Reds and Blues for a while and Epsilon talks about wanting to say goodbye. Carolina responds by repeating a phrase that her mother used to say: never say goodbye because that means that they’re never really gone. This bit let me piece together all of the information and conclude that Carolina is the Director and Alison’s daughter, as Alison was known for her statement of never saying goodbye. There has been no confirmation from RoosterTeeth about this, but after all of this, what other evidence do you really need?

One question that I’d like answered is about Allison’s death. All we know is that she died because of her own failure. However, we don’t know how she failed or the circumstances surrounding her death. Maybe we’re not meant to know, but I’m hoping that we find out a little more information about why Allison died.

RoosterTeeth has stated months ago that season 10 won’t be the last that we see of the BloodGulch gang. Season 11 won’t be out until sometime next year, but with the release of “Halo 4” on Tuesday, fans are going to be busying themselves with the campaign mode and running around in multiplayer battles. I, on the other hand, will be re-watching the entire series, as is my custom whenever a season of “Red vs. Blue” ends, and trying not to find more questions that need to be answered.