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Nathaniel Rioux

“Nobody is never done learning,” said English Professor Dr. Wendy Larson-Harris. She talked about this in discussing her recent research project relating to Saint Marina. Her topic was the correlation between western ideas of Saint Marina, and a Saint who is similar in the eastern traditions. This topic took many concepts of research development that many students already have learned or have done in their years at Roanoke College.

Having just recently received ten year at Roanoke College, she teaches various topics such as Study in the Romantics and various other topics in English. Even though she is a full time professor, has a family, and still conducted research on Saint Marina, the patron saint of childbirth. Due to the amount of work she conducted and contributed in this field of study she was recently invited to present her findings at a conference just a few weeks ago in Boston.

According to Larson-Harris, doing the type of research needed for this type of project was no easy task. The project took several years to carry out to do the research involved as well as learn new concepts to effectively work through this topic such as learning a new language. With the help of a Roanoke College grant, Dr. Larson-Harris was able to study three semesters worth of Greek in Greece so she could continue her work.  She says that many of the skills that she teaches her students are often those that she used in researching this topic.

When asked if this project was completed she said not yet. She says there is still much work to be done on this field of studies, and one day she will get a book published about her research.