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New Bond Movie a Huge Hit


Nathaniel Rioux

In just the first weekend, Skyfall blew all other Bond films out of the water, boasting a franchise record of $87.8 million. This grand opening set the stage for what will surely be a blockbuster packed holiday season. With Daniel Craig back as Bond for the third time, this film was definitely enough to keep both new fans happy and appeal to the older fans that grew up with the older Bond films. Even though this was a typical Bond film, the vision that these new films are aspiring to is what makes these films better than their predecessors.

Skyfall’s plot focuses on the resurrection on James Bond’s character both physically and metaphorically. While this Bond did not have a lot of the action pack sequences that most fans have been accustomed to, such as the 30 minute Parkour scene in Casino Royal, this didn’t bother most fans. This time it wasn’t the huge explosions or crazy car chases that were most memorable moments of the movie, it was the plot and narrative design, the metaphorical symbols, the purposively design of the various locations that made this movie more than a typical James Bond film.. This film was definitely in a league of its own.

While most critics agreed that this was one of the smartest Bond films of all time, there were a few downsides to the film. Among the downfalls is the rampant use of product placement in the film.  Some of the product placements were so blatantly placed and so distracting that it felt like watching The Truman Show. I was almost expecting a number to flash at the bottom of the scene for me to place an order. It’s unfortunate something as simple as a misplaced Heineken bottle ruined a perfectly good scene, but it was not something that ruined the buildup of the movie.

While some critics suggested that the plot took too long to develop, I actually disagreed with them. Even with the length of the movie, roughly under two and a half hours in length, the buildup of the story was necessary and well developed. Everything had a purpose in the film, every shot, every line spoken, and every music choice was carefully crafted together..

Overall I gave this movie 8.5 out of 10 due to several reasons. What makes this Bond film so special, and dare I say it, better than the other films, is the idea of Bond as a person and not just an icon. Yes, there were references to older films, but the message was clear. This is a new Bond, one that is more authentic to real life than the others. If you are looking for a straight up action film, you will be satisfied. If story is more your type of film, then you will like this film. If you like Bond films without silly gadgets, this is a must see.