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Meagan Cole

Shana Melanaphy, a Senior from Salem, Massachusetts, was the talk of the campus community when the Print Shop released their most recent posters advertising departmental student tutors. Shana, now known for her photogenic science side, is the tutor for Biology. She also has a minor in Sociology and a concentration in Health Care Delivery.

 For Shana, being a tutor really means a lot. “I am very passionate about biology. In the past I never really took advantage of the help provided by the Center for Learning and Teaching. Now that I’m a tutor for the Human Biology course, I have the opportunity to teach students how biology is so incredible, and hopefully get students interested in biology even after they finish their biology course.” Ultimately, her long-term goal as a tutor is to interest others in Biology by helping them to better understand what’s happening in their college courses while also improving their individual skill sets.

In addition to being a tutor, Shana is also heavily involved in research “on the ethnobotanical uses of bryophytes in Appalachia. Ethnobotany is the study of how people use plants, and bryophytes are the type of plants I’m working with. These plants include mosses, hornworts, and liverworts. What I want to find out is, how are mosses used in general, what mosses are being used here, what are people using these mosses for, whether its moss they bought at the market or got from their yard, what we can do to preserve moss biodiversity in the area, and how we can educate the public on the importance of bryophytes in the community.”

To learn more about what Shana does along with her peers available for tutoring in their own designated fields, go to the Center for Learning and Teaching.

Shana says, “We offer help in studying for tests, practice with homework problems, reviewing notes from class and clarifying topics, and teaching useful study skills.”

The Center for Learning and Teaching is located in the Fintel Library, and they’re available Sunday through Thursday from 4-9 PM. Appointments can also be made online under Subject Tutoring.

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