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Emily Erwin and Victoria Zelvin

Assuming that the world doesn’t end this December, here are some movies that you might be interested in seeing.


Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters starring Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner

If the movie poster says anything, this film seems like it’s going to be the same type of movie as Snow White and The Huntsman and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Apparently it is meant to be a continuation of the original faerie tale written by the Grimm brothers. Fifteen years after the incident at the gingerbread house, Hansel and Gretel have become fearless bounty hunters dedicated to eradicating witches. The mayor of Ausburg, Germany recruits the siblings into a mission where they are meant to rid the town of an evil sorceress who is intent on sacrificing the local children in an upcoming festival. I know most of the audience members will be females who want to see Jeremy Renner, who recently played Hawkeye in Avengers. This film looks like it will either be amazing or absolute tripe.

Gangster Squad starring Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn and Emma Stone

This movie promises to be an action packed look at the crime-ridden streets of 40s and 50s LA. Penn plays gangster Mickey Cohen, who comes from the East Coast seeking to expand his empire in the West Coast. The movie is in the same vein as other old school gangster movies like The Untouchables (1987), following a small squad of cops willing to break the law in order to protect and serve their city. They wage war on Cohen, who is a Capone-like crime boss who routinely refers to himself as “god” and is known for targeting the families of those that screw with him. To combat him, the police leave their badges at home. “We’re not solving a case here, we’re going to war,” says Brolin, who plays a sergeant on the squad. The film’s tagline reads: To serve the law, break it.



Warm Bodies starring Teresa Palmer and Nicholas Hoult

My first impression of this film was that it is trying to appeal to the Twilight fans who are trying to jump onto the zombie bandwagon that started rolling years ago. Based on the novel by Issac Marion, Warm Bodies tells the story of R, a zombie who “lives” during the zombie apocalypse. After he eats the brain of a suicidal teenager, R falls in love with the teenager’s friend, Julie. He leads her to his lair, but once she leaves, R follows her back to a human refuge. While this movie screams Twilight impersonation, it actually looks like it is going to have a solid plot, intense action sequences, and intelligent comedy. Yes, it is a love story but, so was 300.

A Good Day to Die Hard starring Bruce Willis and Jai Courney

This picture finds the aging John McClane in the middle of a frost covered Russia. Not many plot details are concretely known at this point, but from the trailers it is known that McClane, once he finds himself in Russia, comes across an unpleasant surprise: his son, Jack, running from gunfire. Must be a McClane family tradition. The teaser trailer is intermixed with the familiar Die Hard strains of “ode to joy”, which may speak to this franchise trying to go back to its roots.