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McAffee Update


Sarah Whitten

Sixty-seven year old Roanoke College Alumnus, John McAfee, founder of McAfee, Inc. which developed the world’s first computer virus scanner, who recently fled from police in Belize after they sought his cooperation in their investigation of his neighbor Gregory Faull’s murder, was detained in Guatemala on Wednesday.

McAfee crossed the Guatemalan border illegally and was arrested by local police. The anti-virus software millionaire changed his appearance and went on the run three weeks ago. He claims he is a fugitive, believing that he was being setup by corrupt Belize officials for the murder. Because he arrived illegally into the country the Guatemalan Prime Minister is seeking to expel McAfee from the country.

There is no international arrest warrant for McAfee and police in Belize report that he is not a prime suspect. McAfee has been seeking political asylum in Guatemala, however, thus far he has been denied. After his arrest, he was brought to a residence belonging to the immigration department. He was guarded by a small group of police.

The Belize police wish to question McAfee after the death of his neighbor, Gregory Faull. There have been several complaints about McAfee by his neighbors, spearheaded by Faull. They reported that his dogs were attacking passersby and that his security guards were accosting the locals. McAfee has already been caught with illegal firearms by the Belize police and was suspected of running an illegal synthetic narcotic lab in his home.

On Thursday, McAfee was taken to a local Guatemalan hospital after complaining of chest pains. Initially, McAfee refused health care, stating that he had relied on Chinese herbal homeopathic medicine after he suffered a heart attack in 1993. However, he was released soon after. A government doctor reported that McAfee had a normal heart rhythm and blood pressure and had not suffered a heart attack.

McAfee was supposed to return to Belize on Thursday however, his lawyer, Telesforo Guerra, stated that they would be appealing that notion garnering McAfee 48 more hours in Guatemala. Guerra, a former Guatemala attorney general, is the uncle of McAfee’s 20-year old girlfriend, Samantha Venegas, whom he fled with three weeks ago.

While Belize has not issued a warrant for McAfee’s arrest, McAfee insists that he has been harassed by police. “Seven months ago the Belizean government sent 42 armed soldiers into my property,” McAfee said. “They killed one of my dogs, they broke into all of my houses, they stole, they arrested me and kept me handcuffed in the sun for 14 hours. I was taken to jail and it was only the intervention of the US embassy that got me out of jail.”

McAfee was discovered in Guatemala after an iPhone photo surfaced with the title “We are with John McAfee right now, suckers.” It was posted alongside an article in Vice magazine. While McAfee has been on the lam he and cartoonist Chad Essley have been keeping the public updated via McAfee’s blog at whoismcafee.com.

McAfee has continued blogging from jail.

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