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Reading Day Opinion


Nathaniel Rioux

Every semester the college sets aside a single day before exams for its students. A day when the college shuts down and students are supposed to be studying. This year reading day for the fall term is on a Saturday and, while I do feel it is important for students to be studying, I feel it is pointless to make a Saturday when most students would rather be doing anything but studying. It’s not to say that the college should completely eliminate the reading day, but let’s be honest here, students are going study or not on the weekend. Setting aside a day is not going to change anything unless it is on a weekday as a break from classes.

The overall issue behind this comes in the forms of college restrictions. According to the unofficial guidelines of the college, students are not supposed to have any conflicting club meetings. While the makes sense, it is possible that students will have Saturday meetings as well.

Mike Remmes 13′ says that with reading day being on a Saturday it makes “reading day is less functional. If they want to study on Saturday they are going to anyways. I can see the advantage to the college as it saves the college money because they don’t have to make meals for another day; which is fine, but then do not announce a reading day.

Victoria Dovey 13′ says that “it does seem pretty pointless to have it on a Saturday. People are already going to be studying on a Saturday, we have finals. Designating a day for it on the weekend is not going to make a difference. People won’t study any more or any less. What they will be is more stressed out because they now have extra lessons and extra work to do in the week.”

Tim Keir 16′ says that “despite the college’s high opinions of our study habits, it’s not going to work. I know that I practically never get work done on Saturdays. The intent is nice, but I think another day- perhaps Sunday- would be more appropriate!”

Kim Harrison 14′ “I feel like it’s a waste of a reading day. I prefer having a reading day on a weekday because it makes much more sense to have a break from classes to study. Having it on a Saturday is redundant.”

Overall, most students agree that reading day should not be on a Saturday, but instead on a weekday. Hopefully the college will consider this for Spring term.