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Star Trek Trailer


Emily Erwin

As a fan of the “Star Trek” franchise since I watched my first episode when I was about five-years-old, I was excited for the film reboot of the classic series back in 2009. Needless to say that I was rather pleased to hear that there would be a sequel to the film and that the cast for the major characters would be returning. We learned earlier this year that the slated release date is May 17, 2013 and that Benedict Cumberbatch, known for his role in BBC’s “Sherlock”, will be starring as the main antagonist of the film, never mind the fact that we still have no information about who he is portraying.

Yesterday the first official trailer for the film was released and Trekkies (as fans have been calling themselves for decades) are up in arms. It begins with jet airplanes flying over the city, followed by a shot of Chris Pine’s character Captain Kirk falling off a cliff into the ocean. After seeing Kirk smiling at a blonde woman, action sequences are shown and Cumberbatch’s unnamed character is seen coming out of what appears to be a sort of space pod.

The next few scenes are quite disturbing when compared to scenes in the last “Star Trek” film. A ship can be seen flying through fire with the U.S.S. Enterprise rising from what appears to be the ocean seconds later. Next follow shots of crew members of the Enterprise falling over in the halls as the red warning lights flash off and on. Fighting ensues on the bridge of the ship as photon lasers fly through the air and short scenes follow of the main crew members: Hikaru Sulu, Lt. Uhura, Ensign Chekov and Mr. Spock. Explosions destroy doors, the blonde woman from earlier in the trailer screams, a man jumps through a glass wall, and it appears that Kirk and Cumberbatch’s character exchange a few lines of dialogue.

Then we see the wreckage: Earth is being destroyed.

During the entire trailer, we hear Cumberbatch speaking (presumably to Kirk), sounding like his challenging the Starfleet captain and he’s out to get revenge.

Trekkies on Tumblr, a popular social networking site, are displaying their confusion and excitement that the trailer brings and are asking questions. Who is Cumberbatch portraying and what does he want with Captain Kirk? Will the romance between Spock and Uhura start up again? Who is the blonde woman? And where in the world is Scotty?

We don’t know a whole lot of information about this movie and it is obvious that director J.J. Abrams wants to keep it that way. We know that all of the main characters will return for the film, which means that Scotty will return, as well. All that we know about the plot is that a seemingly unstoppable force has attacked Starfleet and left the planet in destruction. The crew of the Enterprise is left to capture those responsible for the attack.

From what I can see, Abrams is attempting to make Cumberbatch’s character seem more tyrannical than Nero, as played by Eric Bana in the 2009 film. This could explain the mystery surrounding the character. I’m wondering what exactly Starfleet is going to do about the fact that Cumberbatch’s character attacked the entirety of San Francisco not focusing his attack on Starfleet itself. In the previous film, Starfleet had been the main target of Nero’s plot for revenge. I’m imagining certain actions will need to be taken since the civilian population is now in danger.

As far as aesthetics go, this film is obviously going to be far darker than the previous film, both literally and physically. Watching the short trailer brings on the sense that something dark is going to happen. As if the plethora of explosions didn’t send that message before.

Trekkies are going to have to wait a little longer to find out what happens to the crew of the Enterprise. I can only hope that we will get to see more images of the movie while we wait. In the meantime, it looks like I’ll be joining the rest of the Trekkies on Tumblr and formulating ideas for what the new film will hold.