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“Archer” Returns to FX

by Meagan Cole

The third season premiere of “Archer”, an animated spy comedy, aired 10pm on January 17th. Riddled with big guns, hot girls, fast cars, and alcohol, one might describe “Archer” as a James Bond/”Family Guy” cross-over. In fact, the very first episode revolved around the unique pop culture reference of the voice-actor for Sterling Archer, Henry Jon Benjamin, also portraying the character Bob Belcher in “Bob’s Burgers”, another FX animated series. Spoilers will follow.

Inexplicably, Archer is convinced he’s Bob, the owner of a burger joint whose passion in life is to flip burgers. He’s happily married with three children and a mustache, ironically parodying “Bob’s Burgers”. Of course, spies from the KGB are on their usual hunt to kill him, but the question is whether or not ISIS can get to him in time and reverse his retrograde amnesia, as diagnosed by Krieger (Lucky Yates)—ISIS’s mad scientist per se. Slowly but surely, Archer’s true identity is brought forward thanks to sudden jolts of hand-to-hand combat, the frustrations of improperly mixed drinks, and a meeting with his sexy ex and partner in crime, Lana (Aisha Tyler).

The primary scene occurs at a day spa where Lana uses her methods of seduction to get Archer’s attention. All the while, Pam (Amber Nash) and Cheryl (Judy Greer) get pampered with seaweed body wraps, massages and LSD, Mallory Archer (Jessica Walter) and Ray provide comedic relief, and Krieger and Cyril (Chris Parnell) attempt to fake-out Archer as KGB agents. Nevertheless, KGB intelligence reaches the entire team before Lana can stage her own fight.

The planned fight unfortunately equipped the ISIS agents with blanks, unbeknownst to Archer, so the team is then left to take cover behind the poolside bar with real KGB agents firing upon them. The shock of being in the “Danger Zone” and the heat of the moment sends Archer into a frenzy of mismatched identities until Lana loses it, decides to hit him over the head with a frying pan, and somehow sets him straight.

Archer, once again Archer and not Bob, is able to save himself and the rest of the team with the help of his two favorite things: naked Lana and booze. After being reunited with the team, Archer swears the only thing he remembers is hijacking a limo; the limo being Malory Archer’s, the head of ISIS as well as his mother, on the day of her wedding to the owner of Cadillac automobiles. The entire episode was standard “Archer” and all around epic.