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Club Spotlight


Club Spotlight

By Meagan Cole and Victoria Zelvin

Everyone knows that nerds are the new popular culture, what with “Big Bang Theory”, “King of the Nerds”, and, most importantly, the long-lasting decade of superhero films. Limited Edition studies comic books in depth for both educational and recreational purposes, including publishers like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Vertigo, and other publishers ranging from the popular to the unique; a treasure of the club is the much-loved copy of “Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley.”

Members read various comic books collectively, according to their weekly tastes and interests. Most recently, they have read the following titles: “Identity Crisis”, “Pride of Baghdad”, and “Watchmen”. Of course, everyone has extensive knowledge and is thoroughly engrossed by the classics as well: “Batman”, “Spider-Man”, etc. Not to mention, there are cutthroat trivia games as well as heightened debates regarding the distinctive difference between Marvel and DC; do not mix up the two around these people.

“Limited Edition was started for people with an interest in graphic literature to get together and discuss the ins and outs of the subject matter. The best part about Limited Edition is that all of the members are welcoming and willing to share. So, you can test out reading different comics and decide if you want to invest in the books yourself. It is like an awesomely nerdy book club,” said Nicole Fonteyne, one of the club’s founding members,

Fonteyne is an alumna, graduating with the Class of 2011, and now resides in Grafton, MA.

Roanoke College’s link to the world of comic books meets every Tuesday night at 9 PM in Kime for anyone interested in joining.