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The Hobbit Review:

Peter Jackson and his team are back in one of the most anticipated films of the year. “As Return of the King” ended the trilogy of J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”, many viewers were wondering, or expecting Tolkien’s first book,” The Hobbit”, to be made into a movie. Well, after much waiting, the movie finally came out over the Christmas break with lots of success. The film, a rather long one at best, was entertaining to watch none the less. Since the film team was essentially the same for both films, I was expecting the film to follow the same style, traits, and cinematography as the previous “Lord of the Rings” films.  While there were some similar methods used, there were some new elements that made this film a standalone from the rest.

First, there was the overall build up.  Nearly 70 percent of this film was dedicated to character back stories through use of either flashbacks or separate story plots.  What made these flashbacks and story deviants actually useful, unlike some films, was that they actually gave meaning to the story as a whole and not something that was just put into the film as filler. This made the movie much more entertaining to watch because I felt emotionally invested in the characters which, again, few films besides serious dramas I’ve seen have pulled this off.

Another thing that worked well for the film was the action scene. In one particular part of the film, the adventurous stumble into a goblin city. Rather than have the up-close chaos that was the action scenes in “Return of the Kings”, Jackson went with a “Lawrence of Arabia” type of cinematography, having the camera zoomed out so viewers could see the scale of this place. That, I felt, made that action scene rather dramatic to watch, but also easy to follow unlike action films of today where there is nothing but this, for lack of a better word, a “shaky camera.” This, I think, was a good choice on Jackson’s part.

Even though the movie itself worked well for me, there was one major complaint that I had. That complaint being directed solely at the ending. While it was a long movie and it didn’t feel like the movie was dragging on, the ending was just a blatant slap in the face that for all intents and purposes felt like the season finale of a TV show. This makes it so the movie cannot be appreciated as a separate unit but forces the viewer to sit through multiple continuations of the story.

Other than that minor issue, “The Hobbit” was still entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

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