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Spotlight: Fight Club: The Underground Poetry Ring

It seems today that many young writers have to remain anonymous although the English department has been a safe haven for young authors for years. Finally, there is a place where all young writers can get together; a place where writers can read their own work in a safe and friendly environment. It’s time to introduce Fight Club: The Underground Poetry Ring. This unofficial club is brought to you by Alexis Helms a junior English major and Andrea Benson a sophomore creative writing major. Fight Club had its first meeting January 22, 2013 at 9:15 pm in the basement of Miller Hall. This club will meet bi-weekly. Even though the title would lead one to believe that only writers and poets were allowed, everyone is invited to the Fight Club meetings. The only rule for newcomers is that you must bring something you’ve written or something you found that someone else has written to read out loud to the group. Now don’t be nervous. I went myself to the first meeting and had a great time. Everyone involved is funny and happy to listen to your work or someone else’s work you bring in. There is no judging there. This club offers a safe place for you to come and get feedback and new ideas for future work. Of course there are some rules you must follow. Rule 1: Never speak of Fight Club and Rule 2: Never speak of Fight Club. Oh and of course Rule 3: First night you must fight or at least read poetry. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t write poetry. You may also read short stories from any genre. As the club continues there will be activities such as prompts, games and workshops to shake things up. This club is especially good for people within the English department and others who love to write or would like to learn. These groups of individuals have come together to improve on their own writing as well as to help other members as well.