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Open Mic Night


Christy Blevins

The Cavern was flooded with music and talent Saturday January 26, during Open Mic Night sponsored by CAB.  The first, second, and third place winners from Saturday were picked to compete in the February 26 Mic Night for another chance at winning.

During the event, students enjoyed hearing a variety of genres and talents. Alongside the singing at Open Mic Night, several acts included poetry, covers of songs, and comedic skits.  However, all three finalists of Open Mic Night sang renditions of songs and let their talent speak for itself.

First place for the night was awarded to the duo of Chris Fisher and Patrick Bain; Fisher on guitar and Bain on keyboard. The duo performed a two-piece set including Mumford and Sons “I Will Wait” as their first piece, and, secondly, an unusual cover of “Get Low.” The audience cheered excessively throughout the slow mix-up of “Get Low” and earned Fisher and Bain the first place prize of one-hundred dollars. The two clearly had the reaction of the night and set the bar high for the rest of the night.

“I really enjoyed Chris and Pat’s rendition of the second song because it was a really unique take on the song and hilarious at the same time,” said RC student Alex Reynolds.

Claiming the second place prize of $75 was another duo of Oriana member, Emma Kessler and Zach. Kessler sang vocals and Zach Scherrer on guitar. The two performed a rendition of Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Way I am.” They were the second performance of the night and the audience and judges enjoyed their performance.

The $50 third place price went to Amanda Harris for her performance of John Lennon’s “Take it Slow.” Harris, also a member Oriana sang fourth and left the stage with an ongoing applause from students attending Open Mic Night.

Other performances of the night included a skit of the infamous “Can I have yo’ number,” that pulled chuckles from the audience, a comedic cover of Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts,” entitled “Jar of Farts,” and a dramatic reading of self-written poetry. All performances seemed enticing to the audience and enjoyable to watch.

Students gathered to have a great time and hear just a small portion of Roanoke’s talent. There to enjoy the event and support fellow Oriana singers was RC student Emily Sorenson.

“I really enjoyed Open Mic Night. My favorite performances were probably Emma [Kessler]. I thought their cover was classic. I also enjoyed Breezy’s [ Oriana member Sabrina McIntyre] song because she has a gorgeous voice,” Sorenson said.

Open Mic Night was a successful and fun event to attend and included raffle prizes for the students attending. The winners of Open Mic Night will perform again on February 26 in hopes of placing then.