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“The Walking Dead” Returns After Superbowl Hiatus

by Meagan Cole

Television’s most-acclaimed zombie series comes back on February 10th in the middle of its third season after taking a brief break for the holidays and the Superbowl. AMC and “The Walking Dead” has returned to Dish after the extremely publicized controversy in advertising where the channel had been dropped for the start of the season last year.

“The Walking Dead” previously left off with the original cast discouraged by the death of Lori. Desperately needing to pull himself back together, Rick relies heavily on the high spirits of his followers, especially his two children: Carl and Judith (aka – Little Ass Kicker). However, not all is as it seems thanks to the maniacal, idealized, utopia nearby.

Andrea and Michonne were welcomed into the Governor’s safe haven, the town of Woodbury, early on in the season. While one chose to stay and embrace the comforts of civilized life, the other got into trouble for her cautious behavior and overly suspicious habit of snooping around. Unfortunately, their opposing views on whether or not they are truly safe leads the pair to splitting up, and dramatic irony shows the audience that the downside is more accurate.

Michonne attempts to escape from the clutches of the Governor’s men, out to kill her for possessing the knowledge of where Woodbury resides. But when she’s seeking refuge downtown, she witnesses Maggie and Glen being captured by the very same group she’s running from. She is then forced to gang up with Rick and the others, not knowing that they’re the same people Andrea was separated from after the farm was overrun with walkers.

However, leaving the abandoned prison to face the Governor and rescue the young lovers ends in disarray. Daryl learns that his brother, Merle is still alive after being left on the rooftops of Atlanta in the first season. Blind determination to find Merle gets him caught where Maggie and Glen escape, beginning the mission over again for Rick, except there isn’t much time.

Michonne has angered the Governor once again, and even Andrea is not consoling or alluring enough to calm his rage; Michonne broke into his home to murder his daughter, believing that his serial killer tendencies to save heads of dead men as trophies in aquariums and locking up his little girl turned walker are immoral. In the fit of it all, the Governor manages to lose an eye as well, and viewers are left with his act of revenge hanging in the balance—Merle and Daryl are sentenced to a death match in the wrestling ring where the ring is actually walkers with chains that give more room for attack as the game progresses.

Will Andrea be able to come to her senses about the Governor, or will she continue to bask in their power driven relationship? Will Rick be able to save his men in time, or will long lost brothers have to battle it out for the chance to keep on living? All of these questions and more will be answered now that we know the Ravens won the Superbowl.

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