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Vine: the New Social Media for Videography 

by Meagan Cole

Our generation is obsessed with various forms of social media. As of the last 3 months, there are over 100 million users on Facebook, over half of whom are from the US and the majority of users are between the ages of 25-34, quickly followed by our demographic: 18-24. Not to mention, there’s also Twitter and Instagram, and most have more than one of these accounts. What has yet to be offered is a quick link to capture video of your life…until now.

While YouTube and Facebook offer tabs to upload your videos, neither are as direct as the newly released stream of social media known as Vine. Vine is an app much like Instagram, except for video capabilities, and is exclusively available for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads. Just released to the public this year, Vine allows its users to shoot six seconds video of whatever you want and then instantly share the finished product to Facebook or Twitter. To get started, Vine is available for purchase through iTunes and the App Store.

The how to’s of Vine are super easy. To record, you touch the screen. To stop, you touch the screen again. It’s that simple. If you want more than one segment, you just quit recording and move on to your next piece. For example, a lot of people like showing cooking. If you were shooting a salad, two seconds could be devoted to putting lettuce in the bowl. The next couple could show the toppings you want to add. Finally, the last segment can show the addition of the dressing. That completes your six seconds of video easily. Some people are extremely creative with their time, and the most common topics being streamed are under the categories of humor, babies/pets, day-to-day activities, travel, and our previously mentioned cooking.

Vine is the latest thing for your friends and family to enjoy as well as the world. In addition to uploading videos to Facebook and Twitter, Vine offers its own profile to save each and every recording. The most recent videos posted to Vine profiles are then displayed through Vine’s main feed for all viewers with the window open to see, similar to how Pinterest shares your pins on each of the main topic pages. Of course, profiles also have privacy settings, if preferred, along with reporting and blocking for users abusing the app in a negative manner (pornography).

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