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Dear Sue


Dear Sue,

I’ve been dating someone for almost a year now and we’ve become very close. He’s practically my best friend, but we don’t seem to hang out as much as we used to. Most of the time he just wants to play videogames instead of doing something together. How do I get us out of the rut and him away from the screen?

-Tired of Videogames

Dear Tired,

I’m not entirely sure what it is with boys and videogames, but it’s practically an addiction. You have to understand that it’s something he enjoys doing and will never give up, just as I’m sure you have things you like to do. You just need to tell him you want to do more things together, don’t blame it just on the games. Suggest things to do, like going for a hike or out to a new restaurant. Think of something new to do. It is possible that he might just be bored of the same date night routine. It shouldn’t take much convincing to get him out of his room and doing something fun with you.

If he still spends way too much time with the controllers you have two choices. You could make plans with other friends and give him his alone time. Or you could join him. If you’ve never played before ask him to teach you. It’ll be a fun experience for the both of you and it will get you doing something together. And guys do seem to like gamer girls.

~Sue Z. Maroon

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