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Second Chance Prom


Second Chance Prom

Emily Erwin

If you missed out on your high school prom and are having regrets about missing out on one of the most important social functions in a young person’s life, you still have a chance to experience the thrills of prom. On February 22, the Roanoke College Lambda Alliance will be hosting the Second Chance Prom from 8 pm until midnight in Colket, a campus-wide event that has been held nearly every year.

The idea behind the Second Chance Prom is that it allows a chance for people to bring their significant others as a date. Some high schools prohibit a boy from bringing his boyfriend or a girl from bringing her girlfriend as a date to the prom. The Second Chance Prom allows students in non-heterosexual relationships to bring their partners as a date and to enjoy the traditional prom experience.

The theme for this year’s Second Chance Prom is Masquerade. Formal dress is required to attend the event.

The members of the Lambda Alliance have been planning the event over the course of the semester and have been working with the Gay Straight Alliance from Radford University to make the event as memorable as possible.

While this might not seem very exciting at first, students have been expressing their excitement in attending the event.

“I’m very excited to go, because this time I will be with actual friends,” said Shannon O’Neill ’16.

While the Second Chance Prom is free to RC students, students from other colleges (if an RC student brings a date from another college) will need to pay five dollars for the couple.