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Student Spotlight

By Meagan Cole

Nick Apelquist, a sophomore originally from Ukraine, is the Program Director of Roanoke College’s exclusive radio station, WRKE 100.3 FM Salem. His particular show airs 3:30-5:30 on Monday. This two hour block is primarily a talk show about events on campus, but he also uses musical interludes with genres all across the board: alternative, rock, country, oldies, and pop.

While WRKE features many hosts and disc jockeys, Nick’s segment and plans are unique; he recently included a special interview series with students and faculty alike. “I’ve interviewed about 6 faulty members on campus so far. I’ve met a lot of great people and made nice connections through them. I’ve had a couple of big name people such as President Maxey and Rebecca Sandlin on the show, which is very cool. I’m looking forward to the next couple of months with more faculty coming in. I am also working on obtaining an interview with Rick Steves while he is here.”

In addition, he has some major plans for renovation with the radio station’s overall format. “[I am currently] trying to work with IT to get new equipment and move the station. Also [I’m] trying to get a new face out into the Salem community, trying to just revamp the system so we can make an impression on the community.”

Though he is unsure if he will gear his Communications major towards working in radio after his undergraduate career, Nick certainly prides himself on his accomplishments inside and outside of the industry. He also works as a technician at IT and is actively involved in the Lutheran community on campus; he often attends Evensong and Men’s Breakfast.

Nick is an outdoor enthusiast who backpacks and rock climbs. His other hobbies include technology (he built his own server), writing poetry, and photography. In conclusion, he is a well-rounded individual with enthusiastic interests.

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