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SGA Meeting


Dr. Lee, the chief faculty marshal opened the meeting by discussion chords and stoles for graduation. Up until this year, the college has had no policy for who wore what at graduation which caused confusion due to inconsistency.

After looking at other schools, Roanoke has decided to employ the system that makes it so chords represent academic honors and stoles represent groups. Groups like SGA will be moving from chords to stoles in response.

The only groups who will wear chords are groups that require specific academic honors. There will be no limit to stoles or chords come graduation, this change is simply to make it clearer.

Clubs and organizations that want chords or stoles need to have their designs reviewed to prevent outrageous and unacceptable designs. Groups will most likely need to purchase their own stoles for graduating seniors.

Next the CAB representative spoke about how they unfortunately lost all of the contracts for spring fest and have found a new, electronic, group to take its place.

This spring semester there will be a trial run of having the library open 24 hours starting the week before exams.

Next, Jen Baker talked about the academic integrity conference. Other schools are surprisingly strict in their dealings with academic integrity. Not very many students are getting in trouble here are Roanoke; it’s suspected that not as many culprits are being reported.

The student conduct code is currently undergoing a full-blown review. This is a great time for those who have opinions or interests to provide input into the process.

There are budget review meetings this Saturday from 2-4.