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One Problem, Two Problem: Glowbal

by Meagan Cole

Glowbal was held on March 15th and received very mixed reviews from the Roanoke College community. The rave, hosted by Pi Lambda Phi and International Club students as an RCAD, took place in the basement of Catawba Hall: complete with glow sticks, neon lights, and black tarps. Their advertising skyrocketed across campus via posters in the bathrooms, painting the rock, and flyers in the Commons. Glowbal even offered incentive for students to show up with a raffle for two prepaid tickets to a David Guetta concert in DC plus a one night hotel stay. However, their overall performance many not have inspired enough people positively when it counted.

Students arriving fashionably late—an hour into the party—discovered an almost empty room with less than twenty people dancing to DJ Pierce’s popular, electronic tunes. The black tarps somehow still managed to trap their body heat in such an enclosed space with so few people, perpetually making the area hotter as more and more students did come, with only a few cases of water provided for Glowbal’s members. Eventually, the attendance periodically increased as the night grew late, but few ever stayed longer than for a brief period, indicating that the event did not effectively capture anyone’s attention.

Darlene Harris, a Junior Theatre major with an Education and Music minor who is also heavily involved in several organizations on campus including the Multicultural community, said, “Glowbal would have been much improved if it was at a different venue. People were being turned away, because the basement was too crowded later on. It was far too hot, and they started taking down at midnight since it was in a dorm.”

The event was scheduled between 8 PM and 2 AM, but having Glowbal within Catawba, left the students who lived there very agitated despite it being a Friday night. Emily Poertner, a Freshman Biology major and the Brackety-Ack’s Chief Copy Editor, said, “The reverb from the speakers could be felt through the floor and through the bed. All I wanted to do was sleep.” Of course, it was for this reason that Tech Crew was forced to take down the event once quiet hours began instead of 2 o’clock in the morning. In addition, several struggled to understand the significance of the name itself. The mass believed it was a typo for “Glow Ball”, but the hosts actually intended for the name to be “Global” with the added “w” creatively expressing the rave theme.

Emily also says, “They moved all of the furniture out of the basement to accommodate for the dancing space and have not put it back, which is an inconvenience to those of us who live there and want to study downstairs.” While replacing furniture certainly isn’t Tech Crew’s job as none of that is technical like the lights and sound equipment, it is the responsibility of the hosts to reset everything as it was found.

Lastly, anonymous members of CAB agree that Glowbal was a rip off of their R-Glow, adding an entirely separate layer of controversy on another level. The same decorations and previously employed DJ was used for Glowbal. Nevertheless, many people still think that R-Glow is the better of the two events.

While feedback was not promising, both Pi Lambda Phi and International Club expressed that Glowbal was a success as far as what they hoped to accomplish.


  1. When the school gives you $2500 to plan an event, you plan an event exactly the way you want it. The planners of this event love electronic dance music, and happened to know a DJ who is up and coming in the genre. One of those planners was Pierce himself, hence the R-Glow similarities. Call it a rip-off of R-Glow, but all they did was twist it into something different for the electronic music fans at Roanoke College. If one was present at the event, they would know that there was around 8 huge packs of water available, and the room was at maximum capacity by 10 p.m. …an even more “fashionably” late time to arrive. The event was never planned to last until 2 a.m. that was false advertised by the school, not the sponsors. This review is highly unfair and unappreciative of the hard work that Roanoke students put in to this event that was for the student body. It tells one side of a whole spectrum of opinions, and barely touches the perspective of the event from the organizers themselves. Last, RCAD events rarely attract so many students. It is not a criticism that they had to turn people away, that is an unavoidable consequence of a SUCCESSFUL event. Thank you.

  2. I thought you said the reviews were mixed… seems like this is biased… anyway read below.

    I’m going to work my way down through this article and explain the many discrepancies in each of your points… Firstly, I need you all to understand that the event was intended for, and scheduled for 8 PM – 12 AM. It was NEVER meant to go until 2 AM. Now, you probably noticed the table tent flyers and some of the other flyers advertised for a closing time of 2 AM. Sadly, as history repeats itself, the marketing department failed yet again. Somewhere along the line there was a mixup, but not on any of our ends… I created the original flyers for the event (the more elaborate posters with the globe) and it accurately states all of the details. Additionally, the facebook event page explicitly stated the event time, etc.

    Secondly, we chose Catawba Hall for many reasons. Catawba Hall is the dorm that houses the INTERNATIONAL students along with American students, and an important aspect to the Pi Lambda Phi fraternity is DIVERSITY. And so I, the International Club, and PLP saw it fitting to have it in the basement of Catawba (not to mention Catawba used to be Pi Lambda Phi’s house). As for the comment in regards to how people arrived late… this is inevitable. Every event on this campus has a slow start in the beginning, why do you think we had a start time of 8 PM? To allow those to come when we believe they’ll actually come (9:30-10:00). This was the case with R-GLOW as well.

    The “heat” comment is a bit excessive. Go to any club, frat party, or even R-GLOW and you’ll see you can’t escape the heat that permeates from hundreds of dancing people. It’s just the way it is. And as for the water…. REALLY?? We had over 20+ cases of water with 30 bottles in each. Do the math.

    I myself am a resident of Catawba and I can assure you that EVERY resident was given ample notification of the event, and every resident was encouraged to attend. I’m sorry that Emily was disturbed by the noise, but that’s just a reality to community living.

    OK, now as for the LAST comment… this really, really irks me. R-GLOW IS MY EVENT! I, Pierce Golden, conceived, orchestrated, promoted, and executed every aspect and detail of R-GLOW. In September 2011, I went to CAB with my idea to create an Electronic Dance Music-based event (RAVE), and the rest is history. Yes, CAB funds all expenses for R-GLOW (of which I am grateful for), but it stops there. I have done ALL of the legwork, planning, promoting, marketing, YOU NAME IT! So, saying that this was a rip-off of R-GLOW is something that I take as a direct insult. Yes, I did DJ R-GLOW because that is my passion (I am an aspiring DJ/producer) and yes I did DJ Glowbal… why is that a problem? It’s not. Honestly it’s ridiculous. You cannot compare Glowbal to R-GLOW. They are completely different entities. The only decor that was used in both Glowbal and R-GLOW was an inflatable star which we hung outside to attract people… I could really go on and on, but I just don’t have the energy to explain it in one comment thread. If any of you have something to say about how it was a “ripoff of R-GLOW”, please come and speak with me and I’d be eager to show you how and why you’re wrong.

    -Pierce Golden

  3. Meagan,

    I would like to address some of the comments you made in your article. First being that Glowbal was in now way meant to copy R-Glow. They are entirely separate events. R-Glow is designed to be a large scale campus event while Glowbal was just an RC After Dark. Budget wise Glowbal was infinitely smaller than R-Glow and was never a competitor. Catawba was also not our first choice of venue as you have made it out to be in your writing. The ballroom and alumni gym were booked that evening, so the school suggested we use Catawba as it was the third largest venue on campus that fit our criteria. As you mentioned, this did effect attendance and created a line at the front door, which was the result of having 200+ people come throughout the night. Can I ask you when you have ever seen that many people attend an RC After Dark? I also do not appreciate that you left Kilgo, the second DJ, out of your article. He was supposed to be the main event, not DJ Pierce Golden as you portray it in your article. I advise that you conduct more in depth research to better understand your topic before you write an article that negatively portrays an event.


  4. I have to say that this article is extremely biased and you are obviously a very novice write. As one of the people who spent countless house preparing this event, I can say that you completely neglect every positive aspect of Glowbal and go out of your way to make it sound stupid every chance you get. This was hands down the best RC after dark that has been done, not some stupid little show in the cavern. You are obviously someone who does not get out much, otherwise this article might actually be accurate. Sorry that you did not enjoy the event, maybe next time we can hire a magician that pulls a fake rabbit out of his ass then gives away Disney DVD’s. Until then you should get all the facts straight before you decide to try and make a mockery of something that both of these clubs put a great deal of time into. As for all of the people who did have fun, you are obviously not one of them, so keep you stupid fucking opinions to yourself.

    Love Always,

    Nelson Cover

  5. Poorly written and poorly researched, this article is shameful with its lack of anything close to accuracy. It is articles like this that keep people away from The Brackety- Ack.

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