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Dear Sue


Dear Sue,

I’ve been having a lot of problems in school lately. I had troubles with some people on my hall; they keep getting angry at me for something that wasn’t my fault but I got called out on. They even started to “cyber-bully” me about it. I’ve tried to forget about it but I keep getting distracted with it all and it’s starting to cut into my school work. Some of my friends have been really supportive but others just can’t seem to care less about it. How do I fix this?

-Angry and Anxious

Dear Angry,

There’s a Russian proverb that says “don’t blame the mirror if your face is ugly”. If they did something wrong then it’s their fault and they shouldn’t be angry at you. If they are still getting mad at you for it, the best thing to do is get out of the situation. You should feel safe where you live. RA’s can only do so much, so sometimes it’s better just to go to res life and talk to someone.

If it is cutting into your schoolwork let your teachers know what is going on. Most of the teachers here are very understanding so if you’re having serious problems like this it is best to let them know. You can work with your teachers to make sure your work gets done but you don’t feel overwhelmed and most importantly you don’t fall behind.

Friends are a touchy subject. It’s great you have a few people you can go to in this time that will help you. But hearing that some of them don’t care is worrisome. If something is cutting into your life this extensively, they should be there for you. They may not know it’s affecting you this badly so you should try and talk to them about it. If they still don’t seem to care, they aren’t good friends. Spend more time with those who comfort you.

One last thing to remember is that sometimes it’s okay to be angry. Don’t let people tell you to feel differently. If this is how you feel the only way to change that is to resolve the problem and anger may be what you need to motivate yourself to change it.

~Sue Z. Maroon