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Faculty Spotlight


Faculty Spotlight

Emily Sierra Poertner

Every year a few new faculty members join the Roanoke College community. In the fall of 2012, Dr. Jesse Bucher was among the new professors here. He is a member of the history department teaching African studies. After finishing his Ph. D. at the University of Minnesota he spent time in South Africa at the University of Western Cape for a fellowship on the Study of the Humanities in Africa.

Since being at the college Dr. Bucher has become the coordinator of the African Studies concentration and started an African music club. The club meets biweekly in the bank building not only to listen to African music but to discuss culture and politics in various African countries.

Salihah Ali said, “Dr. Bucher is a very kind and dedicated professor. I think it’s awesome that he’s adding diversity to this campus by creating the African music club.”

He goes out of his way to help his student with everything from their school work to personal issues.  He is obviously very devoted to his students and to the college as a whole.  Dr. Bucher is great addition to the Roanoke College faculty, reaching great achievements in just his first year teaching here.