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Radiant Color Run


Radiant Color Run

Christy Blevins

A large amount of students lined up on the Athletic quad on Sunday, April 7, to participate in the school wide Radiant Color Run.

The Radiant Color Run was organized by a number of students as a group project for HHP 221. It was also held as an event for the Exercise is Medicine initiative at Roanoke College. Other events have also been held as part of Exercise is Medicine.

Setting up the Radiant Color Run took a lot more effort than just laying out the route and signup sheets. Planning started at the end of January and went into February. Required organizers then gained permission to hold the run, reserve the lots, and make all the powder paint by hand.

According to one organizer, Lauren O’Brien, “about seventy” students signed up and ran to win a “dollar store medal” at the finish line.  The students ran a “marathon” through campus, following chalked arrows on the pavement.  The path led students through both quads, down Clay Street and High Street, through parking lots, and finally ended by past CAR and New Hall at the Athletic Quad.

“We wanted to do something that people would actually want to attend, and what’s better than running,” joked O’Brien.

Afterwards, participants, who all wore white shirts, had fun throwing powdered paint at each other and running through sprinklers. Multiple colors of paint were supplied and provided to students with a mini Color Run atmosphere.