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SGA Tailgate & Lacrosse


The free tailgate held by the SGA on Wednesday, April 3rd could not have fallen on a better day. Sunny Salem finally lived up to its nickname as the women’s lacrosse team took on Sweet Briar College, and the men’s team faced Shenandoah University. There was not a cloud in the sky and the seventy-degree heat made the refreshments and grilled food all the better. Sutton Terrace was perfect location for barbequing and socializing, and most fans didn’t have to move far from the food to get a great view of the games being played at Kerr Stadium. The SGA initiated a “black out” for the fans to participate in, giving everyone that attended the games a free black t-shirt to wear in support of both teams. The tailgate started at 5 p.m. and refused to end until the two games had been supported full and through.

The event was planned at an opportune time considering the successful week both teams enjoyed and the spring weather was finally showing itself. The women’s lacrosse team was looking to extend their two-game winning streak to three, and junior Allison Bonanno was looking to repeat her record setting and ODAC player of the week garnering performance against Randolph-Macon. The Lady Maroons were able to do so as they glided to 19-4 victory. Like the women’s team, the men’s lacrosse team was host to an ODAC player of the week in senior attack man Richard Lachlan. The men also successfully extended a winning streak of their own, beating Shenandoah with the score of 22-5.

School spirit and support of the athletic programs are few of the many great things the SGA does for the college. The tailgate was a huge success in increasing the attendance for both of the games, which not only raised awareness of both the teams, but the club as well, who announced next year’s SGA senators.

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