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Car Club Races to Raise Money


Car Club Races to Raise Money

by Meagan Cole

Members of the Roanoke College Car Club are teaming up with the Sports Car Club of America, specifically the Blue Ridge Region, for a race unlike any other. Drivers from across the state will be entered to race a series of laps designated by traffic cones without the presence of other cars to get in their way. The winner will be determined based on who clocks the best time. The Roanoke College Car Club has several of its members racing with models like the Volvo S60R and an M3 convertible, often owned and maintained by the students.

Ben Everest, the founder of the club as well as a Senior Communications major, is optimistic about the event’s overall outcome; “We hope the Autocross provides a safe environment for our members to engage in automotive competition without breaking the law. In addition, it’s a safe, inexpensive way to experience racing. It helps drivers to discover the limitations of their cars, which makes them safer road drivers.”

More importantly, the drivers from RC are not just doing this for fun; all of the proceeds go towards their philanthropy, Toys for Tots. Autocross is their moment to raise money and provide less fortunate children with the luxury of playing with their own toys, stimulating kids’ education, social interaction, and growth. Roanoke College Car Club’s service gives back in a unique way and can be observed on the course, April 21st in Salem, VA.