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AnchorSplash Sails Across Campus by Meagan Cole


AnchorSplash Sails Across Campus

Meagan Cole

Delta Gamma is a sorority known for its association with all things sailing, especially involving the anchor. The anchor is a symbol for these fine ladies which represents holding the sisters together regardless of the stormy weather. “Being in Delta Gamma is more than just being friends,” Junior Business major, Gabby Guerra, says, “We strive for academic excellence and to be a true sisterhood. Being in Delta Gamma is like having a home away from home; you have a serious support system here.” Their support reaches even farther by weighing in on matters like community service. This week, the Delta Gammas found their port of harbor through their philanthropy.

“Our philanthropy week is known as AnchorSplash, which raises money for Service for Sight.” Gabby Guerra is also the AnchorSplash Chair and provides insight on the importance of the Delta Gamma’s service mission for the week, “Mostly our philanthropy works to help the visually impaired. In any community you look into, there will be some people who have visual impairment to some extent.”

Greek Life members are not the only students who can be involved in AnchorSplash. The week has been full of events open to the entire campus. Gabby elaborates, “This week is full of fun programs; nationally, Delta Gamma always hosts a water days event where participants play games in the pool. Another great event we’re doing is empathy volleyball where three people from each team will have some sort of visual impairment while playing. And, at the end of the week, there is the typical lip sync, raffle giveaway, and AnchorSplash pageant.”

“The AnchorSplash pageant is only a small part of the week, but it allows people to learn more about Service for Sight in a fun and interactive way.” While a pageant may seem over the top and geared towards a very specific portion of campus, the participation is what truly matters by supporting Service for Sight. Not to mention, the pageant is a fun way to get out and try something new. The AnchorSplash pageant is being held on September 27th at 7 PM in the Wortmann Ballroom.