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“Bones” Season Premiere by Christy Blevins


Christy Blevins

‘Bones’ Season Premiere: Heartache Ahead

The line of television show premiers continued this past week with the premiere of Fox’s Bones season nine.  For fans of the series this was a long awaited return with answers to the finale of last season.

Last season’s finale left fans in awe as multi-season villain, Pelant, gave Booth, David Boreanaz, an ultimatum: either tell Bones, Emily Deschanel, you can’t marry her and give her no explanation, or he, Pelant, would kill five innocent people. Naturally the season ended by ripping fans’ hearts out when Booth regretfully told Brennan he could not marry her, and cue credits.

This season picks up 3 months after the heart wrenching scene with Booth sitting in a bar. It appears this is his new regular activity.  Booth sorrowfully “confesses” to one of his old confidants and thus starts the episode of heart wrenching awkwardness. This episode circulates around the fact that Brennan, aka Bones, is still dealing with Booth taking back his marriage proposal acceptance, and everyone’s reaction to their relationship stress. Basically, everyone at the Jeffersonian acts extremely hostile to Booth until Cam, played by Tamara Taylor, offers Brennan her insight to the situation.

Bones may be making up for its last season’s upsetting finale, but the premiere had its heartache moments too.  Throughout the episode, Brennan constantly asks her co-workers personal questions about their relationships. Deschanel added an extremely nice touch this episode by emoting Brennan’s feeling through her facial expressions, which is not something the character Bones does well on a normal basis. On top of the pained expressions, the audience can tell that Brennan is struggling with what she is really feeling and what can actually be rationalized with science.

Finally, through all the awkwardness and painful cant-take-your-eyes-off-the-screen moments, Bones ended with Brennan taking Cam’s advice to heart and having faith in Booth. Viewers were left with, what was missed so much over the break, a little Booth and Bones moment in which Bones tells Booth, “I trust you…I know you love me, and Christine and…I’m sorry I lost sight of that temporarily.”

Who knows what’s to come in this season? Over the break, producers announced there will be a marriage between the two characters, although when is unknown to viewers. This season will hopefully be the end to Pelant as the team at the Jeffersonian closes the gap in the investigation – but that’s just a prediction.