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Desperate for Dollars by Brigitte Rec


Brigitte Rec

Desperate For Dollars

Empty wallet college kids were the students attending the Dash for Dollars Game Show on the evening of Friday, September 20 in the Cavern. During the event, dollar bills were thrown at students by the host Ralph Teeta, providing an opportunity  for students to watch fellow classmates embarrass themselves for cash, and there was a once in a lifetime chance to win $500 in the money-flying cash cube.

Sponsored by RC After Dark, the Dash for Dollars Game Show promised students “fast cash and easy money,” with the exception of public embarrassment and surprisingly humorous yet difficult tasks. To start the game, the host threw George Washington’s into the crowd of rowdy people where elbows were thrown and no mercy given. There were three rounds to receive $25- four different students were chosen each round to go head to head in ridiculous activities. The last man standing won the money and an opportunity to appear in the final round, which featured the cash cube and a chance to catch the $500 flying around inside of it.

The first round of students who volunteered to go on stage had no clue what they were in for. Participants were put in baby hats, forced to shout “goo goo gaga”, and suck water out of a classic baby bottle. Other activities during this round included un-raveling toilet paper as fast as possible and building block structures while wearing oven mitts. As the night proceeded the tasks became increasingly interesting. Students had to hula hoop as long as possible, limbo under a cloth rope, and even try their  hand at putting a whiffle ball into an elevated hole a few feet away. All of this, and more for a mere $25 each round.

Prizes for the game show included close to five smoothies from Elderberries, three Chipotle burritos, a weeks worth of coffee from Mill Mountain, nearly ten pounds of Twizzlers, five DVDS and a Roanoke College sweatshirt from the bookstore. No matter how the winners spent their money, Dash for Dollars was a simple way to get some of the student body laughing on a Friday night as well as walking out of the Cavern with cash in their pockets.