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Roanoke Rises to #2


On September 9th, Roanoke College sent out a series of cryptic e-mails. One after the other, the e-mails came through at random intervals throughout the day, leaving the entire campus in anticipation. Some students were annoyed by the seemingly pointless e-mails while others remained curious. The e-mails simply contained banners of #7, #4, and #2, asking “Why is this number so important for Roanoke College?” The next day, the college announced its rise to become the #2 Up and Coming National Liberal Arts College on U.S. News and World Report’s college ranking.

This is the sixth year that U.S. News has done the college rankings, and it’s the third year Roanoke College has been on the list. In 2011, Roanoke was ranked #7 on the same list, and we were ranked #4 last year. We are tied for second with three other schools: Hendrix College, Ursinus College, and University of Richmond. The #1 college in this category is Berry College located in northern Georgia. We hope to overtake them next year.

U.S. News chooses the ranking for this category based on schools that are “making the most promising and innovative changes in the areas of academics, faculty and student life.” The schools are chosen by college officials in their peer assessment survey.

For Friday on the Quad, Roanoke College gave out maroon coffee mugs that displayed our #2 standing. The other side of the mug displays the Roanoke Rising logo. The mugs were available to all students and faculty as a celebration of our fine achievement. This step up from #4 to #2 truly embodies the college’s hopes to make Roanoke the best it can be.

As well as being on the U.S. News and World Report’s college ranking, Roanoke College has also made it onto the Princeton Review’s “Best 378 College” list. Roanoke College is ranked as an excellent school for business, computer science, and psychology majors.