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Passport to Studying Abroad by Nicholas Apelquist


Passport to Studying Abroad

Hope you all survived family weekend! My family weekend is coming up in about two weeks.

By now I hope you have started to look into where you want to study abroad. This week it’s all about resources that are available to help you in your search.

The first resource available is simply the Study Abroad Office! Scott Couchman is a great person to talk with; he’s located on the second floor of the Admin building. He is always more than willing to help you. In fact you have to talk to him anyways because he’s the one who gives you all the paper work to fill out, so why not make friends with him sooner rather than later.

Events happening on campus can serve as a second resource. I’m sure there are some happening every week, so GO to them. They may seem boring or a waste of time, but they often give you at least one extra piece of information that could really change how you approach new opportunities.

A third resource that can be of some use is, Google. You can go on Google and search for less expensive deals. This can be when you’re looking for flights or while you are in the country. Search “discount____ in _____” and you will be amazed at how much you can find for students. The app store for Apple products also has guides and discount apps for traveling.

The last resource that I’m suggesting for today is Rick Steve. He has written a lot of books on multiple locations around the world. He spoke at Roanoke College last year and gave some great advice when it comes to traveling abroad. Look him up and find his guide for the country you will be traveling to, and it will be a lifesaver.

Like always, I’ll be back next issue of Brackety-Ack with insider’s info on how the process really works to get everything ready to study abroad. If you have suggestions for future articles feel free to contact me at: ncapelquist@mail.roanoke.edu.